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Day 30

During the last 48 hours 572 new objects were placed in the world. Pictured below is the final map of the first '30 Days in ActiveWorlds' period. The map charts the 28,776 objects which now make up the world:

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During '30 Days in ActiveWorlds' building data has been logged every 24 hours, creating a unique insight into the growth of virtual space. The data will be analysed and integrated into a forth coming paper entitled, 'Life in the Metaverse - 30 Days in ActiveWorlds'. A copy of the paper will be placed online as soon as it is available.

CASA would like to thank all the users that have contributed to building in '30 Days'. Users, too numerous to name, have created a virtual world which has a sense of location, space and, above all, community. A full review of building will be placed online shortly.

Judging to determine the winner of the years Citizenship will take place on January 4th. Details of the winner and runners up will be placed online as well as a full review of building during the first '30 Days'. A presentation of the winners prize will be held in the world, details of the time and location will be posted online shortly.

Due to its success, 30 Days will remain online, a new building competition will be announced on January 4th with a free High Resolution CD Rom as the grand prize. We hope that many of the users who have contributed to the first '30 Days' will continue to build during the next '30 Days'.

News Archive

Animation 1 Growth During Week 1 (69k)
Animation 2 Growth During Week 2 (98k )
Animation 3 Week 1 and Week 2 Combined Growth (166k)
Animation 4 Growth During Week 3 (133k)
Animation 5 Week 1/2/3 Combined Growth (298k)

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