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Getting Started

To visit Active Worlds and get started in '360 Days' after downloading, simply launch the browser by double-clicking on the Active Worlds icon on your desktop. You can also launch the browser by clicking on the Windows Start button, selecting Programs, then going to the Active Worlds group and selecting Active Worlds.

To enter Active Worlds, you must have an active Internet connection established. After starting the browser, you will first see a splash screen briefly as the browser is connecting to the system. Once a connection has been established, this screen will disappear automatically. If you have trouble getting connected, or receive an error message after starting Active Worlds, please read the ActiveWorlds  FAQs.

At this point it is possible that there may be a new version of the browser available. If there is you will see a dialog box offering you an upgrade. Unless this is a forced upgrade, you can choose to accept the new version now or skip the upgrade now and get it later.

If this is your first visit to Active Worlds, or if you are not yet a citizen, the welcome dialog will now come up (pictured right). Details on citizenship is available from the ActiveWorlds page. For '30 Days in ActiveWorlds' you do not have to become a citizen to be able to build in our World.

Simply pick a name and press the Okay button. You will be instantly transported to Active Worlds!

You will be transported in the 'AWGate' a hub for entering the ActiveWorlds Universe.

To reach '30 Days in Active Worlds', simply click on CVDS which is listed on the World List to the left of the browser. An example of the Worlds List is illustrated right.



Please email if you require assistance in entering '360 Days in ActiveWorlds'.

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Guidelines for '360 Days in Activeworlds' are modified from the ActiveWorlds Support pages. Further assistance may be obtained by clicking on the help icon in the ActiveWorlds browser.