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Downloading Software

To visit and take part in '360 Days in ActiveWorlds', you must first download the ActiveWorlds browser. This is the client software that you will use to move around and build inside our World.

Before you can run the browser, please make sure you can meet these minimum system requirements:

processor Pentium
operating system Windows 95/98/NT
memory 16 megs (24 megs or more will give improved performance)
disk space 50 megs
display 256 colour (16 bit colour recommended)

If you meet these minimum requirements you can download the software from the ActiveWorlds Download page. The software is available in 9 different languages.

If you have any problems downloading the software email

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University College London

Guidelines for '360 Days in Activeworlds' are modified from the ActiveWorlds Support pages. Further assistance may be obtained by clicking on the help icon in the ActiveWorlds browser.