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model.jpg (4796 bytes)Modelling in 360 Days

ActiveWorlds is developed around the RenderWare engine from Criterion. Modelling in RWX (the file format of RenderWare) can be at first daunting. However, a number of tools and guides have recently become available to ease the task.

A secondary server  - CVDSRWX - will be made available shortly on the ActiveWorlds List. CVDSRWX will allow users to directly upload their own models for test purposes before inclusion in the main world server. In the mean time, users can email models to, for evaluation and inclusion.

Modelling Software

Traditional 3D modelling software packages such as 3DStudio Max or Lightwave are the natural choice for modelling RWX objects. Export modules are available allowing direct RWX output from popular programs. However, many users do not have access to this type of high end software. To this aim, Modeller has been developed by Neil Colvin for the Windows 95/NT platform, as a freely available application. It is recommend that users Download Modeller as it provides a good introduction to 3D Modelling for ActiveWorlds.

A number of tools are also provided by ActiveWorlds under their directory. Notable is RWXMOD which enables RWX objects to be viewed, scaled and cleaned to reduce polygon count.

Information Pages

A basic introduction to RWX objects is available from the Synergy Corporation. The page details the code of RWX and provides examples of basic models. For a more in-depth view of RWX, and links to numerous related pages, see Eep's 'Creating RenderWare Objects For Use In Active Worlds'.

Good Modelling! Assistance can be obtained by emailing or sending a telegram to Smithee in the world.



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