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Moving with the keyboard

You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move. All of the keys you need to move around and change your view are located on the number pad, which is on the right side of a standard extended keyboard. The diagram below indicates what each key on the numeric keypad does.

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Moving with the mouse

To move with the mouse, you need to click on the mouse-mode button on the toolbar (the button with a picture of a walking person on it). Moving with the mouse is fairly straightforward:

Flying (moving up and down)

You'll need to use the keyboard to fly up and down. The (plus) key moves you up, and the (minus) key moves you back down again. Press the plus/minus keys on the numberpad, not the dash or the =/+ key. You can hold these keys down to keep moving up or down, and you can use them in combination with CTRL to move faster or the SHIFT key to move through objects.

Using the plus key turns off gravity until you touch the ground again. While gravity is off, you can continue to fly up or down until your feet touch the ground again. Press the minus key until you touch in order to turn gravity off. While you're in Fly mode, you'll notice that you'll coast more before coming to a stop in either the horizontal or vertical direction. If you want to come to a sudden stop, you can press the "5" key (the "Stop key") in the centre of the numberpad.

Keyboard modifiers

Several keys on the keyboard have additional effects when used in conjunction with the primary movement keys:

Please email if you require assistance with navigation in '360 Days in ActiveWorlds'.

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Guidelines for '360 Days in Activeworlds' are modified from the ActiveWorlds Support pages. Further assistance may be obtained by clicking on the help icon in the ActiveWorlds browser.