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Getting Started with Building....

Building privileges in '360 Days in ActiveWorlds' are available to all users. When building please respect other users properties and refrain from posting contents which some may deem unsuitable for an open access world. All conversations and building will be logged and analysed as part of research.

The "guts" of building with Active Worlds Browser takes place in the Object Properties dialog box.

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To display any object's properties, just make sure you have a cursor on screen, and then right-click on the object. The Object Properties dialog box appears, and you can view the object's Description, Object filename and Action in the various fields, plus the owner's Citizen ID and the date that object was last modified. If you own that object (you were the first one to put it on a vacant piece of land), you are allowed to make changes in the appearances or actions, and you're also allowed to move it to other pieces of vacant land or your own property.

Building new objects with Active Worlds Browser is a three-step process. First you'll need to copy some existing object in an Active World -- that's the only way you can create a new object. This will be your starter object. Then, using the keyboard, button bar or the Object menu in the Object Properties dialog box, you move the object to the desired location on your property. If you want to turn the object into an entirely different object, you can change its Object field in the Object Properties dialog box . Finally, you can also change the object's Description and Action -- just click on the desired text box and type in your changes.

You can only build on areas of an Active World that don't already contain other people's objects. This means that the first thing you'll need to do is scout out an unused area and "stake your claim". Try to find an area that is big enough to build what you want, and that is not part of another person's property.

The only thing that is necessary to claim a piece of an Active World as your own is to place some of your own objects on it. Any object you build will be stamped with your user ID; you will be the only one allowed to move, change or delete that object, unless you are a tourist. Tourists should note that their buildings may be tampered with by other users.

You'll be best off if you cover all of your new homestead with something to keep others from accidentally building on your space just building a wall around your new claim won't work.

Try covering your claim with big objects to start with to act as a placeholder, then erase them later. You can use "walks," which are eight meters wide, to fill up the space (see Changing an Object for more details.) walk5.rwx and walk12.rwx work well and look pretty good; they are textured to look like grass.

All available building objects are arranged in the 'Builders Yard' To teleport to the objects click the Builders Yard sign at the entry to the world, or teleport to 69n 69w:

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From here you can note down an objects description and teleport back to your plot of land to enter the new objects name. You can teleport back using the blue arrow key within the ActiveWorlds Interface:

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Keep AlphaWorld Neat! Make sure that the seams of each of the WALK objects meet -- overlapped objects and randomly placed objects look bad. Overlaps flash when you walk past them.

Selecting a Starter Object

  1. Find an object that's relatively close to your property. This can be anything -- someone else's object, a piece of the street, it really doesn't matter. You will soon have a chance to change a copy of this object into something else. Don't worry -- the server won't let you permanently change someone else's property.
  2. Click the left or right mouse-button once to get a cursor.
  3. Right-click on the object once to select it. Then press the INSERT key or Duplicate button to make a copy of the object. The copy will appear just in front of the original you copied. The yellow rectangle that indicates a selected object is now around your copy. You're ready to move your starter object to your new homestead.

Moving an Object

You use the keyboard or button bar to move objects that you've selected. You can also use the Object menu.

The arrow keys move the selected object forwards, backwards and sideways.

The (plus) key or Move Up button raises your object above the ground.

The (minus) key or Move Down button drops your object back down. Watch it! It's possible to sink an object below the ground where you can't see it.

The PgUp key or the Turn Right button rotates your object counter clockwise about 15 degrees. The PgDn key or the Turn Left button rotates it clockwise. 15 degrees means you'll have to hit these keys twelve times to make an object spin halfway around.

Holding down the SHIFT key allows you to make smaller adjustments whenever you're moving an object. Very handy for when you just can't get those two walls to meet right.

To place an object, just click somewhere else or close the Object Properties dialog box to deselect ('drop') the object. If you want to keep moving the object, just select it again by right-clicking on it. If you want to delete an object, use the DELETE key or button while the object is selected.

Tip: It's a good idea to let the starter object go at its final destination and then select it again before you change the field information. Otherwise your starter object might disappear if you accidentally mistype in the Object field!

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Guidelines for '360 Days in Activeworlds' are modified from the ActiveWorlds Support pages. Further assistance may be obtained by clicking on the help icon in the ActiveWorlds browser.