work packages
work packages

WP7 will provide local authorities which implement new suburban public transport services with practical recommendations and guidelines, with regard to accompanying measures to be implemented, in order to prevent, mitigate or control urban sprawl. The recommendations will include: evaluation of the impacts of the measures, possible difficulties or barriers to implementation (institutional barriers, low public acceptability, high cost, delay in the impacts, etc ), possible negative side effects; also, recommendations for an efficient implementation of the new public transport services with regard to tackling with urban sprawl.

As a secondary result, WP7 will also provide practical recommendations and guidelines to cities faced with urban sprawl in general, on which measures to implement in order to mitigate urban sprawl and its negative effects.

WP7 will also provide local authorities with the design of an "urban sprawl monitoring tool" (i.e. a list of relevant indicators), so that local authorities would be able to monitor the evolution of the sprawl of activities in their city and the effects of the sprawl with regard to transport and environment (air pollution).

Finally, also in this work package, all the findings and conclusions of the research will be applied in particular to the 6 case cities (Brussels, Stuttgart, Bristol, Helsinki, Rennes, Milan), in order to set up for each city a practical programme of measures, adapted to its particular context, history, situation, etc. The design of these customised policies will be carried out in close collaboration with the local authorities.

Two sub-sets have to be distinguished among the case cities:

  • Brussels, Stuttgart, Helsinki, Rennes and Milan : in these cities, suburban public transport services will be or were recently implemented, to connect suburbs to the city centre; these cities are therefore just in the situation where they should think to accompanying measures in order to prevent or mitigate a new wave of urban sprawl

  • Bristol : no suburban public transport services were recently or will be implemented; however, the whole research work performed in the project will allow to better understand urban sprawl in general, and to propose a programme of measures aiming to mitigate urban sprawl and its negative effect.

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