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work packages

WP5 will simulate a selection of measures aiming to wrestle with urban sprawl, using integrated land-use/transport models, in a sub-set of case cities (3 cities). In these 3 case cities, a new suburban public transport will be or has been recently implemented and could further the urban sprawl. The simulation results will then be used in the assessment of the impacts of the measures (with regard to sprawl of the population and employment, transport and environment), which will be performed in the next WP (WP 6).

As said above, the overall approach is thus to collect measures from all possible cities faced with urban sprawl and then to evaluate these measures, with regard to the impacts they could produce, as accompanying measures in cities implementing high quality suburban public transport services.
Integrated land-use/transport models are the most appropriate tool to properly analyse and assess the impacts of policies dealing with urban sprawl : indeed, one of the essential features of these models is that they take into account and simulate the interactions between land-use and transport, in both directions, i.e.:

  • the influence of land use on transport (modal shares, congestion, travel times and transport generalised costs).

  • the influence of transport costs on location decisions by both households and companies;

The stages of this workpackage are as follows:

  • building scenarios to be simulated, from the selection of measures of WP4;

  • refining and adapting the models, to make them able to properly simulate all the measures;

  • simulating the measures;

  • description, analysis and presentation of the raw results in a harmonised way.

The impacts of the measures will be assessed in 3 cities : Brussels, Stuttgart and Helsinki. In all 3 of them, a suburban public transport service will be or was recently implemented

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