The London Profiler: Business Engagement, Geodemographics and The Google Maps API
Maurizio Gibin, Richard Milton, Alex Singleton, Pablo Mateos, Jakob Petersen, Muhammad Adnan
University College London


The diffusion of Google Maps and Google Earth has increased the use of geographic information (GI) among Internet users and fuelled new ways of deploying GI in an effective and easy way. This geographic information mostly refers to the location of a point on the Earth’s surface with additional attributes. The availability of a free Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API) stimulates users with intermediate programming knowledge to build their own applications using Google Maps as a visualisation interface.

We will illustrate London Profiler, a website developed at CASA using GMapCreator. London Profiler enables users to build up a picture of the geo-demographics of Greater London for many different layers and for many different types of data, specifically data on population attributes such as cultural/ethnicity, deprivation, the extent of e-literacy, level of higher education, and health related problems together with the synthetic OAC classification noted above. The site allows users to identify any of these attributes in terms of searching by postcode or boroughs, to change the transparency of the layer, and to add other KML layers to the page.

Visit The London Profiler website

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