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Lloyd DA, Webber R and Longley PA; Surnames as a quantitative evidence resource for the Social Sciences - GISRUK (28th-31th April, 2004)


Lloyd DA, Contemporary international sources - 14:30, 26th April, paper 3

Tucker DK, Surnames, forenames and correlations - 15:15, 26th April, paper 5a

Schurer K, Surnames and the search for regions - 16:00, 26th April, paper 6

Lloyd DA, Name concentration and dispersion and how these vary by name, region and level of geographical granularity and 'Adjusted' variations - enabling comparisons across names and places - 16:30 / 16:45, 26th April, papers 8 and 9

Lewison G, Citation indexes and the classification of names - 9:30, 27th April, paper 13

Webber R, The how and why of a taxonomy of names - 10:00, 27th April, paper 15

Lloyd DA, Uneven patterns of emigration among the Anglophone diaspora, 13:20, 27th April, paper 19

Webber R, Cornish migration - 13:35, 27th April, paper 20

Working papers



Hanks P (ed.), 2003; General introduction to the Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press