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Editorial (21st February 2002)

The latest paper in the journal is entitled 'GIS For Plan-Making in Penang Island : The Road to Online Planning'. The research into Online Planning has been running since 1994, since then the road has changed directions many times, but the destination still remains clear.

A prime example of this is the way GIS/3D modelling/Panoramic visualisation are finally starting to converge in a form that is applicable to public participation over the Internet. The technology is falling into place, leaving the decision making of what goes into sites to the people on the ground - the administrators, researchers and the politicians of local government. The Woodberry Down website illustrates this, the plans of wiring 30 residents homes with free internet access to view and comment on the regeneration plans are still waiting to take place. Political factors come into play, the technology may be ready for Online Planning, but the road ahead is still unsure due to issues of red tape and the realities of regeneration.

The Woodberry Down website is about to launch a new bulletin board, with forums to discuss the issues arising from using visualisation to inform the residents. Any comments you have would be most welcome on the board.

WoodBerry Down Regeneration Website

Andrew Hudson-Smith






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