Software for Spatial Epidemic Simulation

EpiSIM is a software written in C++ that implements the spatial epidemic model developed in "An Agent-Based Approach to Spatial Epidemics through GIS". Its main strength consists in offering an Agent Based Model within a Geographical Information System environment, with a user friendly interface. Two sets of libraries were used to build this software: Qt, for the graphical API and Shapelib for accessing geographic data.

Since the model was implemented in a Linux Platform it is not possible to run it in a platform independent CD, but nevertheless this website shows some screenshots and animations that give a better idea of its functionalities. On the menu above, there is a sequence of items which describes functions associated to different stages of the program. In the first stage, "Preparing the Simulation", the user imports data, establishes the settings of the scenario, and inputs data through the user interface. In the second stage, "Running the Model", the user is confronted with an animation of the simulation process, represented in a dynamically updated map. It is also possible to view dynamically updated graphics that display information about the model. Finally in the third stage, "Exporting output", the user can export information which can be permanently stored or used by other applications.