The GiS TiMELiNE holds 18 records for the period 1970 - 1980
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19 70
The Canada Geographic Information (CGIS) became fully operational.[More...]  
  MIADS/2 - Map Information and Display System was a grid manipultation system employing line printer output with tabulation capabilities for single or ovelaid maps was developed by E.L. Amidon of the US Department of Agriculture at Berkley.[More...]
GEOMAP - Geographic Mapping Program was based on grid manipultation system similar to SYMAP which produced shaded maps (Choropleth or isorismic ) on a line printer. The information system was developed for Switzerland by Dieter Steiner[More...]  
  TOPIC was a system for line-of-sight analysis based on earth profiles.[More...]
The Urban Atlas of Jerusalem was generated from a developed data bank of block inventory combined with grid manipulation system. Developed by Arie Shachar at the Hebrew University at Jerusalem.[More...]  
  First symposium on Geographical Infomration Systems held in Ottawa , Canada.[More...]
19 71
The Highway Inventory Information System was developed by Robert Tweedie of the N.Y State Department of Transportation at Albany, and was based on a data bank that contained items such as the physicial road characteristics, a road inventory, ...[More...]  
19 72
Landsat Logo The first Landsat satellite launched (originally known as ERTS-1) [Link...][More...]
IBM start the development of its Geographic Information System (GFIS) [Link...][More...]  
  General Information System for Planning (GISP) developed by the UK Department of the Environment.[More...]
19 73
Maryland Automatic Geographic Information (MAGI), one of the first state-wide GIS projects started.[More...]  
  The USGS began development of Geographical Information Retrieval and Analysis System (GIRAS) to management and analyse large land resources databases being created.[More...]
19 74
The first AUTOCARTO conference held in September 1974, in Reston, Virginia. (Although the AUTOCARTO series really started the year before as the International Symposium on Computer-Assisted Cartography).[More...]  
19 76
  Minnesota Land Management Information System (MLMIS), another significant state-wide GIS, began in 1976 as a research project at the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, University of Minnesota.[More...]
19 77
USGS developed the Digital Line Graph (DLG) spatial data format.[More...]  
19 78
ERDAS Logo ERDAS founded by Lawrie Jordan and Bruce Rado. [Link...][More...]
The Global Positioning System (GPS) project get into Phase II with the launch of the first four NAVSTAR satellites [Link...][More...]  
19 79
  The ODYSSEY GIS developed at the Harvard Lab. The first vector GIS.[More...]
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