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In order to download the GMap Image Cutter software, you must first read and agree to the licence terms.



The application is supplied in a 'zip' file or a 'gzipped tar' archive for systems that can't cope with 'zip'. The software is written in Java and is installed by unzipping the archive onto the target machine and running it from there. For further information, please refer to the installation notes in the readme file below.

Readme file and installation instructions


For further help and support please contact: support@casa.ucl.ac.uk


Licence Terms

The GMap Image Cutter software and documentation is the property of CASA and University College London. The software is provided free under the terms of the following UCL Licence Agreement. CASA and University College London do not accept any liability for any losses arising from the use of this software.

If you wish to use GMap Image Cutter software for other than academic or non-commercial personal purposes – including without limitation, on behalf of commercial or government organizations or entities – you must purchase a standard fee-bearing licence. Please see:

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Usage Survey Questions

In order to evaluate how the software is being used, we would like to know some details about how it is being used. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used internally by UCL in an academic context to analyse the use of the application. This will form the basis for how to modify and improve the application in the future.


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