Welcome the Virtual Cities Resource Centre, the Centre has been set up by Online Planning to explore and develop the representation of urban form on the World Wide Web.

The city is a a place of intense urban form, defined as:

Virtual, is a term widely used on the World Wide Wed, especially in the context of the 'Virtual City'. Virtual is defined as:

The Virtual Cities Resource Centre discusses the rise of 'Virtual Cities' on the World Wide Web and presents a case that a true virtual city has yet to be developed . The vision of Cities existing in the Metaverse is explored in relation to Neal Stepenhson's novel "Snow Crash", providing an insight into the role of Avatars and social interaction in the virtual realm. A selection of tools are provided to provide a starting point for the Architects of the Metaverse, and the use of VRML is explored.

Examples are provided and reviewed of current Cities on the World Wide Web.

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