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New York, London, Paris, Munich: We plan to map real time tweets in different cities based on ‘tweets per minute' via our new ‘Tweet-o-Meter’. This will show us how we can capture, visualise and extract pattern from mobile communications. Watch this space. And we made Engadget!. Maps coming soon.

New York, London, Paris, Munich everybody talk about Pop Musik that was 1979 and the catch line by the group M. As such we thought it would be interesting to see what people are talking about in 2010. We are planning to log all geolocated Tweets in NewYork, London, Paris and Munich over a 24 hour period via the Twitter API as part of research under the NeISS project in association with UrbanTick and ourselves here at Digital Urban in CASA at University College London.

The system will be running in beta mode over the next week with visualisation of the Tweets per Minute provided via our Tweet-O-Meter. While the reference to the 1979 is all well and good, the system is actually designed to mine data for later analysis relating to further our understanding of the social and temporal dynamics of cities within the Twitter demographic.

Currently in beta mode the Tweet-O-Meter updates every 10 seconds displaying the city with the highest number of Tweets, the logged 24 hour period will be announced next week. Once logged, we will be able to make city maps showing the Tweet activity over time and space. The system will be launched as part of a free data collection service via NeISS in the next couple of months. Various kinds of maps such as those shown to the right will be the result

Click here to view New York, London, Paris, Munich via Tweet-o-Meter and if you are in one of those cities and want to take part, simply make sure you have geolocation turned on in your Twitter preferences.

For those too young or perhaps simply nostalgic for the late 70's/early 80's hit – PopMusik – get it via YouTube.

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