Food Junctions is over – Foodpaths is running

Food Junctions was a very successful event taking place April-May 2010. As succession, Foodpaths is currently taking place. Pleese visit the Website for further information. We hope to see you soon at Foodpaths!

The Team

First Weekend

The First weekend of Food Junctions was a great success!

Lovely weather on both days, great workshops held by Global Generation and the Calthorpe Project as well as other great Events at Camley Street Natural Park helped attract many visitors. Thanks a lot for coming along and don’t forget to come back next weekend for  our Main Events!

Food Junctions Urban Lounge

The Urban Lounge nears completion!

The tent is up at Camley Street Natural Park and a dedicated core of the Food Junctions team – Julian, Oliver, Ali, Marina and Stephanie – filled and stitched the soft seating  yesterday. There are now 40 bespoke heassian seats available for lounging in the tent and other venues across the site. The site infrastructure will be complemented later this week with the erection of the Kiosk designed and fabricated by the Unit 20 students from UCLs Bartlett School of Architecture. Watch this space!

Feast on Words

Food Junctions in the London Evening Standard

Today Food Junctions made it into the Evening Standard. In an article about the Castle Climbing Centre and their new food growing project Food Junctions and Global Generations Skip Gardens are mentioned along with the info on how to book.

To read the article, just follow the link below…