The Food Junctions Cookbook Launch-Party

The Food Junctions Cookbook Launch-Party took place last Thursday at UCL. Vice Provost Prof. Michael Worton gave the opening remarks and there were talks by contributos, dance by the indian dance groub Beeja, Harp music and poetry. As is needed for a cookbook-launch there was of course food, provided by the community groups Spice Caravan and the Calthorpe Project.  It was a remarkable evening for us and hopefully for everyone who attended. Some images and quotes should say more than 1000 words!

Thanks to all of you
Marina and Lukas

‘An inspiring, thought-provoking, a true collaborative innovative project.’
‘I would never expect to come up with this beautiful product when I submitted my chapter.’
‘This book really touches my heart’
‘It is the most radical Cookbook I’ve read.’
‘Now I can agree that UCL is part of the local community – previously I had an impression that our work has nothing to do with the university.’

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