The Food Junctions Cookbook

After Food Junctions Festival (2010) and Foodpaths Movement (2011), we are now in the position to proudly present you our newest project: The Food Junctions Cookbook: Living Recipes for Social Innovation.

The Food Junctions Cookbook is more than a recipe book. A genuine collaboration between a university – UCL – and many of London’s local communities and beyond, it mixes practice, politics and pleasure and ties people together through a common interest in food. Some 70 contributors share their ‘living recipes’ for things to cook, things to think about and above all things to do. Get yourself ready to try some of these living recipes: how to taste wine, open up a catering co-op, deal with food waste, prevent children obesity, make delicious dishes from wild plants and grow food in the city.

This Cookbook is another step on a collective journey we began with Food Junctions in 2010, when we set out to explore the significance of food, culminating in a festival that celebrated food in and as community, and shared new ways of thinking about what we produce and consume. We continued our journey with Foodpaths in 2011, in which we developed diverse forms of knowledge-exchange and experience-sharing through and for the urban food movement in London. Taken together, both projects have been about social innovation through food, and the experience of living social change in our daily lives. However, the recipes presented here will never be ‘living’ enough unless you read and cook them at home and in your communities. Come cook with us and join the journey!

We would like to invite you to the launch party of the Food Junctions Cookbook, taking place at 6pm on Thursday, the 27th of October 2011, in the North Cloisters of the Wilkins Building at UCL (Gower Street/London)!

Attendance is free of charge but due to high interest and room size limitation, please register for the event here:

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