Food Junctions Cookbook on sale in multiple locations

The Food Junctions Cookbook is now available for you to buy through new channels. You can still buy the book on Amazon where the book is now available for GBP 12 or download the free PDF copy here.

But now you can also get hold of it at

Calthorpe Project, WC1X 8LH

Camley Street Natural Park, N1C 4PW

Global [...]

The Food Junctions Cookbook Launch-Party

The Food Junctions Cookbook Launch-Party took place last Thursday at UCL. Vice Provost Prof. Michael Worton gave the opening remarks and there were talks by contributos, dance by the indian dance groub Beeja, Harp music and poetry. As is needed for a cookbook-launch there was of course food, provided by the community groups Spice Caravan [...]


Download the Free PDF-version of the Food Junctions Cookbook here or get the hardcopy from Amazon here

The Food Junctions Cookbook - Production

The Food Junctions Cookbook is being printed by Calverts Co-operative in these very moments. Watch!

The Food Junctions Cookbook

After Food Junctions Festival (2010) and Foodpaths Movement (2011), we are now in the position to proudly present you our newest project: The Food Junctions Cookbook: Living Recipes for Social Innovation.

The Food Junctions Cookbook is more than a recipe book. A genuine collaboration between a university – UCL – and many of London’s local communities and beyond, [...]