Current research on the Labyrinth

1. Articles, researches

Michalowski, K., The Labyrinth enigma: archaeological suggestions, Journal of Egyptian Archeology, 54 (1968), 219-222

Lloyd, A.B., The Egyptian Labyrinth, Journal of Egyptian Archeology, 56 (1970), 81-100

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Blom, I., Sculpture Fragments and Relief Fragments from the Labyrinth at Hawara in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden, OMRO 69 (1989), 25-50 Photographs and description of the finds from the Labyrinth, which are now in Leiden

Obsomer, C., in: Amosiadès (Mélanges offert au professur Claude Vandersleyen par anciens étudiants, Louvain-la-Neuve 1992), 221-324

Uphill, E.P., Pharaoh´s Gateway to Eternity, The Hawara Labyrinth of King Amenemhat III, London and New York 2000

2. Fieldwork since 1970

1973 Fathi Melek and Hishmat Adib excavated 1972 some shaft tombs of the Middle and New Kingdom (Orientalia 42 (1973), 404)

In June 1974 excavated a mission of the Service des Antiquités under the direction of Motawi Balboush in the east of the pyramid from Hawara. They found the undisturbed tomb of a certain "Kheif Maakht". The tomb is not yet published, cf. Orientalia 44 (1975), 208-9

1984 Ali el-Khouli excavated 1983 about 20 tombs of the New Kingdom, Orientalia 53 (1984), 370

2000 Belgian survey "the Hawara 2000-survey of the Fayum Project" (Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo) (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Section: Ancient History). - Willy Clarysse (General director) - Inge Uytterhoeven (Field director) - Anny Cottry (Photographer) - Katrien Cousserier (Archaeologist) - Bart Demarsin (Archaeologist) - Lieven Loots (Archaeologist) - Sylvie Marchand (Pottery specialist - IFAO) - Veerle Muyldermans (Archaeologist) - Ilona Regulski (Egyptologist) - Katrien Slechten (Archaeologist) > - Ayman Mohammad Sedik el-Hakim (Inspector) - Ashraf Sobhy Rezkalla (Inspector)

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