Web 2.0, Neogeography and Virtual Worlds
Andrew Hudson-Smith
University College London


The world of geographic analysis and visualisation has changed. Web 2.0, The Cloud, and new task specific software packages and services have emerged that are fundamentally changing the way we share, communicate and distribute geographic information.

These changes are making their presence felt in spatial analysis with data becoming increasingly available to and produced by those who perhaps would not be familiar with previous geographic methodologies. These ‘Neogeographers’ as they are known are opening up new magnitudes of data and with it creating maps and geographies requiring new levels of analysis.

This talk provides a glimpse of these new Web 2.0 tools from Google’s MyMaps to Microsoft’s Virtual Earth and then turns to more emergent techniques such as Second Life. We also take a view of the issues involved, more specifically issues of copyright and how large companies are having to play ‘catchup’ with the new Neogeographer data providers.

These are interesting times….

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